Our Approach

Challenging the conventions of the traditional PR industry, Scoville helps its clients succeed through its “Concentrated Power™” approach to communications.

Concentrated Power is a confluence of three elements: precision, power, intensity. While each attribute is effective in its own right, it is the innate combination of all three that drives results for our clients.

In today’s deeply fragmented media marketplace, the old fashioned way of generating news is no longer effective. The “blunt-force” model is neither effective nor affordable for early-stage companies. Scoville applies precision to all that we do, whether it’s picking the right lead outlet to break a story, creating a signature and defendable position, or in the development of key controlling messages. With this precision comes efficiency, increasing results without increasing costs.

Ever notice that the smaller the chili pepper, the more intense the heat and flavor? We like to think of Scoville in the same way – our clients get the benefits of a small, yet highly focused and impactful team of professionals with the power to get results.

If you don’t passionately believe in the client or the product, it’s a recipe for failure. Scoville only focuses on clients with game-changing potential and we only hire people who are fanatics about driving change. We know what’s at stake, and we match our client’s zeal.