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Do your friends always come to you for the latest news in science, business, and the environment? Are you constantly surrounded by people at parties who can’t believe you’re making a story about composting pencil shavings so interesting? Then you might want to consider an internship in public relations and communications. Scoville is currently seeking a hard working and inquisitive individual for a twelve-week internship in our Seattle office.

Description: We work – and so will you – with clients who are “game-changers” in their respective industries. We help these clients craft and communicate messages to the public, including consumers, investors, customers, policy makers at the local, state and federal levels, and of course, the media. As an intern with Scoville, you will be exposed to a wide variety of industries, including clean technology (advanced biofuels, electric vehicles, renewable chemicals), health care, professional services (business management consulting, finance), and adventure travel.

We will not ask you to go get us coffee or lick envelopes. While an intern’s day-to-day tasks may vary, general responsibilities would include: ·

  • Conducting background research on important issues affecting our clients and their industry; · Writing clear, cogent summaries of your research;
  • Developing and maintaining media lists;
  • Monitoring media coverage;
  • Write and editing materials for our clients or the media, such as briefing documents and press releases;
  • Helping plan and execute media events.

Schedule and Stipend: The internship will be approximately 20 hours per week; schedules will be determined based upon your availability. This internship provides a small stipend, and we also assist with transportation costs.

Requirements: Scoville is seeking individuals who have completed at least three years of undergraduate study as well as recent graduates and graduate students. Those with previous experience in public relations and communications are preferred.

Interns must be strong writers and editors, have demonstrated research and critical thinking skills, and a keen interest in the field of strategic communications and public relations. Also required: an eagerness to learn. Not required: fancy suitcases or suits.

How to Apply: Please send a resume, cover letter and two writing samples to info@scovillepr.com . If you have questions, feel free give us a call at 206.625.0075.