Utilizing its Concentrated Power™ approach, Scoville PR offers a full suite of public relations and communications services, along with the knowledge and experience of when and how to use them.

Strategic Planning
Scoville is expert at working with clients to create winning strategic public relations plans. We don’t generate publicity for publicity’s sake – we make sure that the results from the PR plan will support and accelerate the business goals of the client.

Media Access
When you’re ready to tell your story, Scoville can access its more than 450,000 person media database to create a target list of editors, writers, reporters and freelancers who cover your market. Scoville has many direct media contacts as well as the experience to effectively build new ones on a client’s behalf.

Press Release Writing
Scoville’s team understands that the process of press release writing is a dying art. We still believe in the power of a well-written, correctly formatted and attention-getting press release. We also know that these are not works of art that require dozens of agency hours to write. Our writers cut to the chase, creating a release that gets attention but not at the expense of the budget.

Speechwriting / Presentation Development
Our team has an extensive history with speechwriting and public presentations. We have written speeches for elected officials and have spoken and presented before audiences numbering in the hundreds. We work with you to craft a speech or presentation that matches you, your audience and the subject matter.

Case Study Development
Sometimes the best way to showcase your product or service is to let someone else talk about how it has benefited them. Scoville has written dozens of case studies over the years that have put companies and products in the spotlight. Now, more than ever, those case studies can also be turned into media fodder.

Authored Articles
Our work has been showcased in many major newspapers, Websites and other publications, either under our own byline or those of our clients. We are experts at creating and then placing authored articles in publications that help clients gain credibility.

Media Training
Although this is a separate bullet point, media training really permeates everything we do. That’s why you hired us. So, while we help you understand the media and its processes along the way, we also offer dedicated media training services, such as mock interview video taping, coaching and development services to make sure you are as effective as possible when dealing with the media.

Customer / Member Communication
The advance of the Internet has led to an unprecedented ability to connect with customers or members. In many cases, these are your most important constituencies. Any smart communications professional should make customer communication a critical part of an overall public relations program. We work with clients to make sure that programs and messaging are aligned with customer/member values and impressions of the brand.

Crisis Communications
Even in your wildest dreams, you may find it hard to think of a “crisis” that could land you or your company as the lead on the 5:00 news. Scoville PR can probably name a few right off the bat. We work with clients to anticipate crises before they happen, craft a plan for dealing with them, and then stand by their side if the worst ever does happen.

Event Management
Many times your story is best told directly to your target audience as well as to the press. Scoville has deep experience in managing special events of all types, from small gatherings of 100 to multi-national events for thousands.