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Our proven process creates thought leaders, drives acquisition and inspires loyalty amongst employees, customers and partners.



An independent firm founded in 2004, Scoville PR provides senior-level, strategic public relations and communications services.  We are driven by a "higher ambition," defined by the Harvard Business Review as principles that “create long-term economic value, generate wider benefits for society, and build robust social capital with organizations all at once.”


We're focused solely on companies who seek to apply technologies, business models and movements to change the world for the better. Good PR is often the difference between those that succeed and those that don’t.


We’re expert at creative thinking, efficient and effective at execution and, most of all, known for being truly passionate about the work we do for our clients.




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Thought Leadership

Corporate Communications

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We have been lucky to have worked with dozens of companies over the years putting us at the forefront of history. Whether it's the first biojet flight, the first self-driving car in New York, the first submarine to reach Mariana's Trench, the first car powered by algae.... you get the idea. Below are just a few examples of the work we've done.




Below are a number of the clients with whom we've worked since our founding in 2004. 


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John Williams, Founder and President, has spent his 30-year career in communications working with early and late stage, disruptive companies and entrepreneurs who are driven by higher ambition. His can-do attitude, relentless optimism and fierce loyalty fit well with the hand-to-hand combat needed to evangelize new ideas, technologies and industries.


Through his work with Zipcar, he shaped the success of not just the car sharing leader, but also the broader shared mobility space. Through his 20 years in the mobility industry, he has become a national thought leader on the topic of urban mobility and the sharing economy, working with clients in ride hailing, micromobility, connected cars and data analytics.


He has also been instrumental in developing national and global recognition of the promise of the US bioeconomy. From launching the nation’s largest biodiesel plant in 1997, to debuting the world’s first test of biojet fuel, to guiding the growth of the US algae industry, John has played a pivotal role as a passionate advocate and evangelist for biofuels and the broader bio-based economy. 

John is a trusted resource for executives who leverage his communications skills to help them speak, write and engage stakeholders on a range of topics and situations, from product launches and key deals, to IPOs and acquisitions, to layoffs, executive transitions and other crises.


He’s currently the President of the Board of Outdoors For All Foundation, which provides transformative experiences for 3,000 children and adults through adaptive recreation activities including skiing, snowshoeing, biking, rock climbing and kayaking.


John holds a BA in American Studies from Hamilton College and a Certificate in Public Relations from the University of Washington. When he’s not coaching his son’s soccer team, you can find him climbing, skiing or biking in the mountains surrounding Seattle.




John is a brilliant strategist - a clean and powerful communicator. When I need something done right, John is the person I call. From acquisitions to market launches; from terrorist threats to IPOs, I trust John implicitly to make it happen. He delivers.”

     - Scott Griffith, Chief Autonomous Vehicles, Ford Motor Company


“John is a trusted counselor to CEOs and executives who rely on him to help them communicate. From LinkedIn posts to employee meetings to keynote addresses, John is a steady hand on the wheel whose professionalism, smarts and skills help executives look and sound their best.”

      - Kaye Ceille, Senior Vice President, Avis Budget Group


“John is a “mobility whisperer.” He fundamentally understands how to position mobility and transportation companies for success in this evolving landscape. He has the ability to see around corners and connect what’s happening in the world to what his clients do – helping them be culturally relevant.”

     - Mark Norman, Managing Partner, Fraser McCoombs Capital


“We rely on John to provide both strategic and creative thinking to the challenges we face in bringing a new and sustainable fuel to the world. John’s loyalty and passion for our business have been instrumental in our growth.”

     - Rebecca Boudreaux, President, Oberon Fuels


“John has an innate combination of integrity and humility, which allows him to always place his clients’ interests first, and to push them to make not just the smart, but the right decisions.”

     - Brad Burns, Chief Communications Officer, Salesforce


“John is better than anyone I’ve seen at taking complex concepts and making them understandable for the masses. He’s great at helping execs communicate tough/challenging issues with employees, customers, media. You want him on your side.”

     - Brian Harrington, Chief Experience Officer, Hana (a CBRE company)


“John is a startup CEO’s best asset. He’s more than a writer and a PR guy (although he’s great at both). He understands how to draw out the best from his clients in terms of how they think about their business, what they believe and how to connect their values to their products. He’s relentless when it comes to defending his clients and protecting their reputation.”

     - John Plaza, CEO, Membrion


“John has an innate ability to quickly size up a situation and offer ideas and strategies for clients to win. He’s unafraid to ask clients tough questions to get the right information to make the best decision. His confidence and calm are reciprocated by clients who trust him to make the right decisions.”

     - Justin Holmes, Director of Corporate Communications & Policy, Zipcar

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